Fat Kids are Inactive

( Berlin, NH) A controversial report from the Institute of Moral Consumerism has brazenly stated that obese children living in the industrialized world are in fact lazy, inactive and unmotivated. Furthermore, the obese in general are self actualizing their own morbidity by opting for bacon cheeseburgers and fries instead of exercise and fruit servings.Experts believe the obesity problem plaguing young Americans can be placed on regionally enforced morays rather than

Super sizing was invented in the board rooms of Wall St. USA. Are you proud to be an American now?

genetics. These wide held beliefs rally the over sized population to see themselves as “victims” who later sue fast food chains and other contributors for their eternally greedy behavior. This shifts the balance of responsible consumerism toward a growing pathological avoidance of self management and moderation. Our nation’s children are in crisis and the answer from Wall Street is  to offer bigger portions and more high sugar content . Some chains are now offering Bacon Sundaes as desserts for kids who want to fast track it to heart attack city.

A disgrace to our Nation. Someone needs a taste of starvation.

There are other factors that contribute to morbid obesity, and these physical conditions may well be out of what can be controlled by the heavy set child. But studies show that most fat kids play video games excessively and are opposed to any physically stimulating activity that may cause them to sweat, exert themselves or appear uncoordinated by their peers. Simply put, given the choice to play outside or sit in front of  a game console  with a bowl of chips; 87% chose the latter.

Researchers found that a modicum of bike riding, tree climbing, and other types of outdoor play may lead to a reversal of this potentially endemic scourge that inflicts so many youngsters. Fat children become fat adults. Fat adults usually have other health concerns such as diabetes, heart conditions and other weight related illnesses  that can cause them to die young. How many fat actors can you think of that are still alive? See?

Strategists say the trend in early onset obesity may lead to a Darwinian curve in which we may see  a downward turn. Dr. Kino Grillbrash says that many of her obese patients are not likely to reproduce because they are unhealthy and appear unattractive to mates. However, this does not account for the impact larger food portions will have on average human consumption. Most likely, many more Americans will enter the danger zone of becoming obese themselves. It is an American crisis!

Obesity is having an impact on our economy too, as fat consumers tend to consume more than thin consumers. Airlines have had to “upgrade” their seat sizes due to the expanding waist lines of the average customer. Everything from toilet seats to coffins now must be super sized to accommodate a society that super sizes breakfast lunch, dinner and midnight snacking. More Hostess products in the store, more choices to challenge our artery clogged veins with. Honey Boo Boo is now a role model for young girls who want pageantry, candy and spray tans and she is well on her gluttonous way to adult obesity. What message does this send to young girls? It says indulgence is acceptable and so is public farting and heavy blush. Not so fast America.  When we

Fat adults become fat corpses, a safety risk for funeral workers everywhere.

indulge these hedonistic  desires , our children will  want more, more MORE – and  we have created an unstoppable monster. If God intended for children to be obese, He would have certainly made them bully proof. Fat children get picked on more than their thinner peers, studies show. Children need  moderation and better manners. They need their parents to push them out the door once in awhile to play a game of Red Rover or Kick the Can. Modern technology only contributes to the infectious laziness that strangles our Nation’s youth like a chubby choker.  Get up from your Play Stations America, and while you’re up have an apple. It’s time for these fatties to bust a move!

Fat celebs don’t make it on the longevity list.


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