World Wide Prayer – A Euniversal Success!

AP (Associated Press) Topeka Kansas. Church authorities are calling the universal group prayer as having a significant impact on Mayan Apocalypse that never took place on 12-21-2012.Today Americans shared a collective sigh of relief that indeed the World’s End was narrowly avoided.  Church authorities  around the globe are praising religious leaders like The Good  Reverend Skeeter G McAssert at the Holier Than Thou Church of the Conservative Shepherd along with ordained minister Eunice Wentworth for their powerful prayer ceremony skyped Nationally over Christian Tuner Radio and other syndicated stations.The broadcast received international attention. As reported in the Topeka Times, another lesser known baptist church also held prayer vigils that lasted into the night. Towels were dripping with sweat and lithe bodies heaved while solemn prayer and gospel music played. The service in Arkansas was accompanied by the  Jiggy  D. Wimple Jug Band, and a very special children’s chorus.”Because of the church’s generosity in praying for all sinners, Christian and non Christian alike, the event was deemed a phenomenal success and one that will go down in the history books.” Said E Rock Burnside, a Deacon from Salt Lake City Utah and a prominent Evangelical Leader. “Be grateful that all lives were spared,” said Ms. Wentworth who has also had success with demonic castration and boner suppression therapy.


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